About Us

About Us

I am Tamás Herczeg, the Managing Director of Fúzió-Holding Kft..

Our company was established in 2005, and over the last decade we have been a reliable partner for hundreds of companies. Our results are built on trust and the right business decisions. The key to our success is our ability to work and make decisions as a united organisation, a united community. This means an advantage in the field of purchasing, which serves our joint business interests and one that can only be realised by large companies or company groups. Our aim is to enable Hungarian-owned small and medium-sized businesses to make their purchases in such an organised manner and so effectively that can only be done by their large counterparts.

You must have come across with the problem of „not having enough time”. We believe this is the biggest evil businesses have to face nowadays. 20 years ago it was enough to be in contact with only a few suppliers. At the time you did not have focus on the issue of quality so intensively, you made an agreement in person, shook hands and called it a deal. However, nowadays, there are so many service providers that you may easily feel lost amongst the products they offer. It is rather difficult to recognise which services are truly valuable, and despite all our precautionary measures, multinational company deals do not necessarily serve the interests of both parties. Of course you only figure this out when the problem has already evolved and the situation proves quite hard to handle. Thanks to the carefully framed contract, your fight for your right may seem like an endless, losing battle. Our partners’ purchase orders that can be joined will be treated as one. Simply, you will have the time to deal with your everyday business tasks while we look after keeping your service contracts up-to-date in the areas we cover. An additional advantage of our activity is that grouping the purchases allows us to represent a larger volume, and we independently, as one person select the supplier, thus when it comes to negotiating, we can put our clients in a position, which results in much more favourable prices than those of the market.

Hope, you like our activity and our business policy, so feel free to get in touch with us. Let professionals handle your purchases! Join us and forget about complications, let’s make things easier together.


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